Monday, January 2, 2012

Something new... and fun

I didn't get this idea on my own, but rather from a fellow blogger.  It's called blog-jogging, a fun way to meet other bloggers and maybe even make a few friends. 

The idea is to visit bloggers I know and comment on their blogs then visit the blogger that commented before me on their posts.

I figured this would work out pretty well since we were reading the same blogs we must be destined to be blogging friends.

I started just this morning and it's been quite fun to find new blogs!  There are some WONDERFUL writers out there, many of whom share my love for kids, homeschooling and even coffee.

So, let's try this!  Start on my post, make a comment and then go visit the person who posted before you.  If you're the first, just scroll down to where someone has made a comment on a previous post and start there.  If you feel like making a comment there, just link back to me so they know where you *came from*. 

And, have fun.  :)


  1. oh yay. i am glad to see you doing this. i have been having so much fun blog jogging.

    don't forget to stretch first!

    thanks for visiting my blog, i always reply to comments via email but i also like to try and follow the commenter back to their blog to leave a little love in return!!

  2. Thanks for stopping into my blog! I always enjoy having new readers. I really need to blog jog far more than I currently do! Great post!



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