Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Catching Up

For my faithful blog followers, I apologize for the long break between posts.  It's been a long and busy few weeks.

I've kept my hands busy by making a few quilts.  I loved how all of these minky/cuddle fabric quilts turned out.  They are so heavy and warm, making them perfect for this super cold snap we are in!

 Sarah's Quilt
Andrea's Quilt
Joshua's Quilt
So yes, I know, I have one more to to make for Arianna.  I plan to take her to the quilting store so she can pick out her print.  

I've also been spending {way too much} time at the dentist.  In December, Arianna began to complain of a sore tooth.  Lo and behold, the x-rays showed quite a few (seven actually) cavities in her poor little mouth.  Trip after trip was made to the dentist and in a matter of 5 weeks, her mouth was taken care of.  She. Was. So. Brave.  She never flinched with the freezing needles and barely complained.  The pride I have for her nearly brings me to tears. 
 Very proud of her silver tooth!

Once she was done that, the older two kids had routine check ups, each to be told they have great teeth and don't have to come back.  Now, after watching my brave little seven year old, I knew it was time to toughen up and go myself.  Knowing I had a few that for sure needed work, I grudgingly went.   Last week was one major filling for a broken tooth and I'm so thankful he was able to save it and not need a root canal.  Today I spent three, yes THREE hours in the dentist's chair getting four teeth fixed.  I have to say, after the freezing wore off, I was in some pretty serious pain.  I'm hoping that the Tylenol 3's and a good night's sleep will help me stay on top of it.

I've also been doing a lot of thinking about Sarah again.  We attended a playgroup session last week and I'm not 100% sure what I expected from it.  It appeared to be just a large room of toys with nothing too scheduled other than a few minutes with a story, song and snack.  I'm not really convinced that it was (or is) going to do her a whole lot of good.  It also made me really sad that she was "grouped" with other children of much more serious needs.  I was really hit hard by that reality.

Last week, my sister posted on FB that her little daughter {who will be 3 in March} went skiing.  Skiing.  Wow.  There is no way that my 3.5 year old could do that... she can't even walk confidently in shoes, never mind skis.  I love my beautiful little niece.  She's my only one and has a very special place in this auntie's heart but admittedly, hearing that she was skiing was also hard on me.  

It took me a while but I did get out of my sad time because Sarah is mine and she is perfect for who she is.  I don't need her to count to 20, say her alphabet or... even ski.  She loves beading with her beads from Grandma, can spend HOURS sitting at the counter with play-doh and will stack her blocks countless times and each time they are knocked down, it's funnier than the time before that.  She is sweet, loving and will give endless hugs.  She may not be ready to ski but watching her learning to run more confidently is encouraging to me.  I continue to see more and more improvements in her abilities each day and I am so proud.  

My heart bursts when she comes toddling towards me in her fuzzy, footed sleeper each morning.  "I need Mom" is my favorite and her most common little phrase.  I mean, what mom doesn't love to be needed.  :)
Loving to bead... on just about anything.

The older kids and I also re-started school.  It took a few days but I think we are finally back into the swing of things.  Each of them is halfway done their math and LA curriculum and if we keep it up, we should be done our year by the end of May.  

The other night I made a lasagna for our weekly supper with Doug's family. This lasagna was big.  I used 2.5 pounds of ground beef, 22 lasagna noodles, 3 jars of pasta sauce, 2 cans of tomato paste, 1.4 Kg of cottage cheese, and 0.5 Kg of mozzarella cheese.  It easily fed all of us to being full plus I was able to individually freeze the leftovers for lunches for Doug.   What a wonderful tradition this has been.  I love getting together with them, sharing a meal and totally enjoying each others' company. 

Well, I think that about wraps the catching up for now.  Hopefully things will settle down (a bit) and I'll be able to keep up with the blogging!  

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