Monday, July 1, 2013

Long Weekend 2013

Well, it was a busy and eventful weekend for us.

Arianna had decided that she wanted to cut her hair to sit just at her shoulders. When we measured the length, we found that she was only about 1.5 inches from the minimum length for locks of love. With the determination that she has, she went to the hair dresser and cut off 10-12 inches of hair. She is loving her new 'do and feels so much cooler, especially with the hot days we've been having.

Isn't she so pretty and grown up looking?

Speaking of hair cuts, someone else had a hair cut, only she did it herself. I wasn't nearly as pleased with this one. It's taken us five years of watching it slowly grow out.
Yeah, not nearly as fun...

On Monday (Canada Day), the kids and I headed out to Jubilee Park to participate in festivities that our city was having. Things were going fine until the traditional fighter jets flew over us. Of course the sound is startling as well as deafening and at that moment, all I could think about was Sarah who was trapped in her stroller. The kids and I whipped her out as quickly as we could but not quite soon enough. Her whole body appeared to have shut down. She didn't cry but she didn't blink or talk either. She was sweating hard against my chest and although she jumped as the second fly-by occurred, she was motionless. Somehow, her body went into a shock type reaction and it was a good 15 minutes before she stopped shaking and would respond to us. Usually her response to noise is to cry and cling to me but this one was really different and kind of scary. All day, she was talking about the scary planes... The weather was very hot today and so when I got her home, we went to my room with the air conditioning unit and snuggled in for some recovery time.

Once her body temperature was a bit more normal, Andrea, Sarah and I went to a park. Of course it was empty which is kind of how we like it. Today, this gave Sarah the opportunity to try some new skills. She mastered a little climbing wall and the swirly slide! I was so proud of her. Up until now, she's resisted the slide because she can't see the bottom so this was a huge accomplishment. She must have done it 15 times!

Loved it!

The kids Doug and I are just hanging out this evening, doing out best to stay as cool as we can. Tomorrow is back to the good ol' routine! Happy weekend!

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