Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Off" Days

Some days I spend large amounts of time wondering what's going on in Sarah's head. Today she was inexplicably "off" and out of sorts. Maybe it was the runny nose from allergies, maybe she's over tired... maybe, maybe, maybe...

The littlest things made her cry such as the broken string on her balloon or someone not understanding what she wanted. She insists on being near me all the time and it can make for a long day. It's sad and even frustrating to see her so upset that she begins to intentionally run into walls or smack her head with her hands. She doesn't have the communication skills to tell me why she's so upset and her only outlet (in her mind) is to make her body hurt. These outbursts don't happen too often but they are painful for me to see. So for tonight, we'll watch an extra episode of Curious George and I'll just snuggle her a little bit longer. Hold her close to me and love her as best I can.

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