Wednesday, June 19, 2013


This weekend my baby turns five. Five years ago, in a private room in the Sturgeon hospital a teeny baby girl was placed in my arms, nine days after her expected due date. **A note about that: I asked to be induced. My cousin's wedding was the following weekend and I was determined to attend, with a baby in tow. And I did!** 

Weighing in at 6 pounds, one ounce and only 17 inches long, she was by far my littlest baby. What a wonderful journey these years have been. We've experienced the medical world in ways that I didn't even know existed, found amazing support people and systems and have dealt with some really intense situations. At five years old, Sarah is developmentally behind 12-24 months. She can't sleep straight through the night without waking and she likes to sleep touching me, with a soother. She is capable of charming whoever comes her way. Her smile and personality are contagious. She is particular about the foods she eats. Lots of carbs like crackers, bread and cereal. She enjoys apples and bananas and occasionally hot dogs. She loves cheese but that's pretty hard on her stomach! She makes friends, both kids and adults, with ease and has a delightful disposition.

What wonderful and fun five years we've had with this sweetheart! She is really excited about her birthday and we're working hard at changing her age. She still is insisting on being "three". I can't wait for her to open some presents on Saturday and celebrate her!

Happy Birthday Sarah Anne! You are loved VERY much!!

 Just freshly born

That's some teeny head of hers!
3 months and still tiny
6 months (wearing a 0-3 month dress)
15 months
18 months
2 years old
3 years old
4 years old
5 years old



  1. She is so cute! Happy birthday Sarah!

  2. Happy 5th birthday Sarah! Stephanie, your daughter is adorable!



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