Monday, June 17, 2013

Home Visit #27, The Final Chapter

On May 12, 2011 Wendy came into my home for our first of many home visits. Initially, I was told that because she knew my aunt, I could request another EI coordinator. It had to do with privacy issues and stuff like that. The fact that Wendy and my aunt were friends didn't bother me so we didn't change coordinators and I have never regretted my decision.

I never imagined that I would eagerly look forward to our bi-weekly and monthly visits as much as I did. Wendy became more that just a caseworker for me. She became a confidante and friend. I knew that what I shared with her would be met with understanding and empathy as well as tools to help me work with Sarah if needed. My heart has softened over the years as well. I think in the very beginning, I viewed the visits with a bit of hostility and hesitation. I mean, I had simply thought Sarah had a speech delay and once Wendy ran a DISC test on her, I began to realize Sarah's delays were much more than speech. Having her support on so many levels were often what simply got me through a day.

I felt could be completely honest with Wendy and never feel that my feelings were invalid or unnecessary. In fact, she could even tell how I was feeling about something and place it in words for me. I think I received as much care and support as Sarah did. In Wendy I found a friend, someone who would listen to me and understand what I was saying or where I was coming from.

Wendy has been a very influential person in my life over the past two years and I can't even explain how much I've appreciated her and her time with us. My kids got to know her as well and she became an important part of our family. Now that Sarah is five (on Saturday), our Early Intervention days have come to an end. Kind of tough because I think families, including mine, would benefit from it for even another year.

Today was spent playing with blocks, cuddling, tickling and visiting. Sarah took great delight in knocking down all the towers Wendy would build up. A fun morning!

Saying good bye is hard. And this good bye is harder than I thought it would be. I am very glad my aunt and her know each other and I hope that through other family events and connections, Sarah and I will still be able to stay in touch with her.

Sarah and Wendy

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  1. Facebook comments:

    Marla Van Neck: Sounds like a lovely lady and a great friend. Why is she leaving?

    Stephanie Fidelak: Marla, Early Intervention is done when the child turns five.

    Marla Van Neck: I was thinking it might be something like that, is there another available for the next 5 years or how ever it works

    Stephanie Fidelak: Not really. It is presumed that the kids go to school and supports are offered that way. I will need to seek out my own supports because I homeschool my kids.

    Tammy Askew: ((((HUGS)))) Is there a way you can hire her privately?

    Alicia Adema That is sad - what a blessing she has been to you...

    Kim Meunier: Stephanie!! I know her she used to be the regional manager at rehoboth... She was my boss for years lol. Small world.



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