Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pediatrician Appointment {06.12.13}

Ah yes, another one of these reluctantly anticipated days. As per norm, I didn't sleep well the night before, although I worked hard at being happy knowing that Doug would be coming along. A part of me had hoped that as she approached five years old, Sarah would simply be ok at the doctor's office. Maybe next time...

The three of us headed into the city together and we told Sarah we were going on a 'date' with her. It wasn't until we almost pulled into the parkade that we dropped the news that we'd get a donut after seeing the doctor. And the tears began to fall. Before we even entered the office. Our appointment was for 9:00 and we only waited about 5 minutes until we were called into the examining room. Sarah had curled up into the fetal position, sitting on my lap. The nurse came in and the sobbing continued. She didn't like her head being measured, she certainly did NOT appreciate her blood pressure taken, and the rest of the measuring didn't get any better. She really does like the doctor. But she still cried. The. Whole. Time. He was pleased with her {slow} progress and told me I was doing a good job. We did get a name for a pediatric dentist but the doctor didn't seem overly concerned about her teeth. And we get to go back in three months.

After any stressful time like this, it seems like Sarah's whole day is then 'off'. She cries a lot, appears to be overly clumsy and therefore falls or bumps herself often which means more tears. Once we arrived back at home, she had a shower with Arianna and put her beloved sleeper on. She doesn't really have a favorite stuffie or blanket but she adores her fleece pyjamas  We spent some recovery time watching movies and snuggling in front of the fire. I foresee an early bedtime for this little girl.

And yes, she is growing. Slowly, but gaining.

Weight: 31.9 pounds, 5th percentile (31.3 pounds, 5th percentile in February)
Height: 40.5 inches, 8th percentile (39.6 inches, 10th percentile in February)
Head Circumference: 46.2 cm, -4 standard deviation (45.7cm, below -4 Standard Deviation in February) **An average five year old's head is 50cm.

So she's still pretty little. Because of her small head and her proportions, she looks like a mini grown up. She doesn't have the bobble head look that many preschoolers still have. But like Andrea said, if "cuteness" had a scale, Sarah would be on the top!

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