Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Staycation - June 2013

About a month ago, Doug and I agreed that it was time for him to take some time off work. It had been nearly a year since our unforgettable trip to Alabama and every hard working husband and dad needs some time off work. We arranged for him to take June 7- June 19th off. This allowed him to take the weekend with his guy friends and do some relaxed camping and we'd end it off with Sarah's party and a Father's Day celebration. Since Doug's parents are on a month long road trip, we decided to pack up and move to their acreage for the week. The grass needed mowing anyhow and the kids all love being up here.

Since it was cool and rainy when we got here, I decided to build a fire in the fire place. Soon everyone was curled up on a chair with a book and settled in nicely. It's been really neat to watch Sarah with Doug around all day. She's constantly asking "Where's Dad?", "You coming Daddy?", "Where are you Dad?", "Please I come you?", "Wait up!" If he heads downstairs, she follows him. If he watches something on his iPad, she watches right beside him. Even first thing this morning she asked me where he was.
The first night was a struggle for Sarah to go to sleep as the transition from home to a new place was tough. Finally, I think it was nearing 10:00 and she settled down. The other kids all found their places to sleep and we were all down for the night.
The master bedroom windows face north and east, with only light white drapes covering them. Like most young children, Sarah woke up as the sun was peeking into the room. At 5:45. I managed to stall her off until 6:00 but I soon gave up that battle and got up.

As I sit here typing, I'm looking out into the large from yard, guarded by spruce trees that I couldn't even guess at their height. Maybe 50 feet tall? There are no birds yet but I know they come around eventually. The coffee is hot and sweet and it's a good start to the day.
I'm looking forward to a day of relaxing, enjoying my family and appreciating the quiet that this place allows. I'm thankful for the generosity of my in laws and the chance to take a break. I'm hoping to spend some extra time in quiet reflection of my spiritual life and I'll be reducing the amount of social media time that I have been. I will use my laptop for emails and blogging as I wish but I'll only log into Facebook once a day.

Happy Monday!

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