Saturday, November 2, 2013

First Snow

Due to her oversensitivity to bulky clothing and foot wear, Sarah has not ever played outside in the winter. In addition, her balance is questionable and I never wanted to hinder that by layering her up with thick boots, snow pants and a big coat. She never minded and was always happy just to stay inside and watch others. Until today. The snow began to fall and by late afternoon, there was a thin layer on top of our grass and everything in her begged me to let her outside. She put on the snow boots that I purchased as well as a winter coat, hat and mittens. She was so excited. I was proud to the point of tears that she had come to a point in desiring to be outside. She made a snow angel, tracks and a bitty " 'no-man". I am so excited with this HUGE step for her.

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