Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Two Meltdowns, One Evening

Once again Sarah was fixated on going outside at 7:30 this evening. In addition to the time, the temperatures had dropped to about -25° (which is about -13F°) and it was getting colder. Joshua and Arianna had gone out to play and once Sarah got word of that, she was bound and determined to join them. I really didn't feel comfortable letting her go outside because there's no way she would keep her face covered and I knew she'd get too cold. This caused a half hour long spell of crying, screaming and jumping up and down. It looked like a classic tantrum that one might see in a two year old. I was really sad and frustrated at the same time. Disappointments are very tough as is not being able to reason or justify with her. She doesn't understand "it's too cold" or "it's too late" so she just has to tough it out.

The second meltdown occurred as I was getting her ready for bed and she was insisting on a bath. It was already past her bedtime and I was wanting to put the day to an end for her. I finished putting on her jammies and held her close as she cried over and over "I need a baff!" and fought me. I laid her down in the bed and with all the love and tenderness I had, covered her up and snuggled her good night. I left her crying sadly in the bed, knowing there was nothing more I could do for her at that time. Thankfully it was also time for Arianna to go to bed and she snuggled in with Sarah which calmed her down fairly quickly.

Now she's sleeping peacefully and I'm grateful. Here's hoping for a good night.

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  1. Sounds like a rough day, that's for sure! I hope she slept peacefully all night and that the rest of your week went smoothly! Boy, I thought it was getting cold here at 40 degrees!



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