Thursday, November 14, 2013

Question #5

What adjustment is God leading you to make in your life? 

I think there might be more than one answer to this question but I'll see where it takes me. The first adjustment that God is leading me to make would be to continually trust Him. No matter what. That He should be at the forefront of my mind, not just when I'm frustrated, sad or discouraged but also when I'm feeling blessed, excited or victorious. To give Him the glory for all things. That was the question our pastor asked us on Sunday... "what can we give God the glory for in our life?" I thought about this and I got to thinking: maybe sometimes we don't know that we are looking for something until we find it and then we realize we were searching for it. I won't go into details on that one right now but I feel such a peace about where my family and I are.

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  1. This is an area that I need to work on! Did you ever get the books?



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