Saturday, November 23, 2013

Snowy Days

Well, it would appear that winter has made it's appearance here in some parts of Alberta. It's been recorded that 55 centimetres or 21 inches has fallen in the past week or so. That's a lot of snow. I don't particularly love winter since it just seems to last for so long. I like sunshine and being warm but such is not the case when I live in this place. But I do agree that the covering of snow is beautiful in it's own way as it covers everything in a thick white blanket. It also provides a whole new play level for the kids and they can (and do) spend hours outside sledding, building snow forts and whatever else their creative minds can create. These long wintery days are also spent watching our traditional Little House on the Prairie movies, eating popcorn and snuggling down under the many quilts that we have. The snow also opens up the sport of winter driving. Momentum is your friend in the thick drifts, you simply get used to the ABS kicking in, and there's nothing quite like sitting at an intersection with a green light as you inch through because the road is glazed with sheer ice. Welcome to Alberta in November!

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  1. Similar to our winters here in Upstate NY, though not quite as extreme! We've only got an inch or two, but winter does seem to be never ending sometimes! I always say, "Snow covers a multitude of sins with a cold blanket beauty!" Enjoy!



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