Friday, November 15, 2013

Question #6

When do you feel especially close to God?

I think I feel closest to God when it is quiet. When there are no other distractions to conflict with my mind. Some days in this busy life of homeschooling three kids and keeping an eye on Sarah, the quiet moments are few and far between from each other. I really try hard to take times during the day when God is the center of my focus. This has been a process that I've been working on for quite a long time and I'm really beginning to feel the benefits of knowing Him personally. I'm thankful for certain people who have become friends over the past few months and those relationships that keep on growing. 


  1. It's the same for me; I have a habit of getting up at 5 AM just so I can have a couple of hours of peace and quiet while the whole house is asleep. I crave that time to have a cup of coffee, get things in order for the day, and spend some time praying and reading my devotional books. I've been enjoying reading the answers in your "Question Series"!

  2. Hi Stephanie! You ended up being the winner in my contest a while back about sharing a romantic story and getting to name a couple in my next novel! So... the couple are middle-aged Americans living in China running a printing business and engaging in missionary work (supporting and training North Korean refugees who escape into China). What names would you like to give them? We can name them after you and your husband, or any other name you like! The only name we can't use is Hannah or something close (already taken). You can email me at or swing by my blog to let me know. Congrats!



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