Monday, June 23, 2014

Birthday Fun

We began Sarah's birthday with the one and only present she asked for. A wagon. Doug and Joshua assembled the wagon the night before. I wrapped the empty box so she would have something to open but the wagon was just sitting in the dining room. Before she even started to open it, she asked me, "Issa wagon? Issa wagon?" Thankfully, it WAS the wagon. I have no idea how I would try to explain otherwise.
She was barely awake and could hardly open her eyes.

At church, we sung to her and her grin just grew as she knew it was about her! 

We decided that in order to reduce the amount of busyness and stress on her, we'd have a very low-key, quiet afternoon. She's not a fan of cake but she loves the two bite brownies that can be bought. I topped them off with a dollop of pink icing and she was delighted!

Later on in the day, I took Sarah for the maiden voyage in her wagon. She was delighted and when I told her that the wagon needed to stay in the garage, she replied with, "But, the wagon wants to be inna house!" The wagon is still in the house.

Because this was the first year that her birthday has meant anything to her, it was extra fun to treat her in a special way. There came a point in the evening when her little world came crashing down. Bedtime. We had put the toys away, cleaned up after the party mess and began the trek upstairs. I fondly refer to it as the post-birthday meltdown.

I sat with her in her bed until her breathing settled down and she finally fell asleep. As much as I love celebrating my kids' birthdays, I do enjoy the next day when things are quiet and returning to normal!

Happy Birthday Sarah! I hope you had a great day!


  1. So 1) it was a birthday weekend at our house, too. And 2) the "hangover" we lovingly call it - (probably inappropriate, but that's how we roll) is always tough to weather. I loved smiling at "Issa Wagon?" Yea Sarah!

  2. I love this post and enjoyed reading about her day! I couldn't stop grinning as I read about her excitement of the wagon!



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