Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pediatrician Appointment {06.10.14}

On Tuesday morning, Sarah and I headed out to the doctor for her quarterly visit. On this day, there was no snow storm, no icy roads and no university traffic. I must have made it there in record time!

It started out to be pretty discouraging when Sarah began to cry. In the van. In the driveway. I felt deflated and we hadn't even moved but thankfully she settled down and we headed off. This entire visit to the pediatrician was the most pleasant that I've experienced in a long time. Once we arrived, she wasn't happy or even in a good mood but she was pleasant and cooperative. One of the things that I notice with her is that she seems scared and nervous. I try to ease those fearful feelings simply by telling her that it's going to be okay, nothing will hurt as well as lots of prep beforehand. We talked about the doctor looking in her ears and mouth as well as listening to her tummy. My girlfriend's daughter has an app on the iPad that is an interactive doctor's visit and the two girls would play on that once in a while. Maybe that helped? I'm not too sure.

Overall, the doctor seemed satisfied with her and he said she's simply growing at her own (slow) pace.

In six months she's gone from 33 to 34 pounds (less than 3rd percentile) and she's grown half an inch and is now 42 inches tall (4th percentile).

She was pretty snuggly while waiting for the doctor.

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  1. The poor little thing has so much anxiety about doctor visits. I hope it lessens as she gets older and more used to them. Glad she's growing and progressing in her speech!



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