Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sarah, You Are SIX! (Warning: Many photos)

Six years ago today, I went into the hospital ready to meet our fourth baby. I was nine days overdue and I had a very important wedding to attend the following weekend. I didn't want to be pregnant for it, nor did I want to miss it due to being in the hospital. After an afternoon of labor, shortly after 9:00 that evening, our much awaited for baby made her entrance into the world. Barely tipping the scale at 6 pounds and no taller than 17 inches, Sarah was by far our smallest newborn. Doug actually had to go and buy a preemie sleeper for us to take her home in. As I reflect on this day in complete wonder at this tiny baby and who she's become to us, I am nearly brought to tears as the love for her is so great.

About six weeks ago, we celebrated Joshua and Arianna's birthdays. Sarah thought it should be hers too and so, since then, we have been telling her that her birthday was coming soon. And she reminded us of that fact frequently. A short time after that, she said she wanted a present for her birthday. When I asked her what she wanted in the present, she replied, "a wagon". This request didn't change. Ever. Last night, I went out and bought her the one thing she asked for. The main reason we decided to get her exactly what she requested is because this is the first time that she's had an awareness of her birthday AND it's the first time she's even made such a request and didn't change it. She fully expected a wagon and to not get it would disappoint her and I'd be unable to explain it.

 Two Years Old

 Three Years Old

 Four Years Old (finally her hair started to grow)

Four Years Old

Five Years Old

The day after the dental surgery

My coffee loving baby

SIX years old!

Oh littlest daughter, I can't believe you are turning six years old. Occasionally, on birthdays I will post a certain number of things about the celebrated one. Six doesn't seem like enough things, 72 (months) is a LOT to think of. So, I will just start writing tid-bits about you and who you are on this birthday!

  1. You are SO fun to be around.
  2. You love everyone and seem to have a few favorite people in your life.
  3. You don't eat meat.
  4. You don't eat (most) veggies.
  5. You love peanut butter, Ritz crackers, goldfish crackers and french fries.
  6. When we laugh at your antics, you reply with "Whatchoo waffing at?"
  7. Spending time outside is one of your favorite things to do.
  8. Parks are fun but only if there is no one else there.
  9. Loud, sudden noises will make you stop whatever you are doing.
  10. You are still terrified of the medical community.
  11. You weigh 34 pounds.
  12. Sleepers are still your most favorite article of clothing.
  13. Curious George still ranks as one of the tops shows that you watch. 
  14. You also enjoy Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Garfield and Little House on the Prairie.
  15. The iPad is a {necessary} tool that you use frequently during the day.
  16. Developmentally, you talk and act like a three year old.
  17. You love playing with your Playmobile sets. 
  18. You are sleeping all night, in your own bed. 
  19. Number 18 requires Arianna to be with you till you fall asleep.
  20. Although you like pretty much everyone, there's a few extra special people in your life. 
  21. Asking me for a "hug-uppy" or "I need a cungle" still makes my heart melt and I'm always happy to oblige.
  22. You refer to my iPhone as the "George phone". 
  23. You are my early bird riser and enjoy the last few sips of my coffee when you come down.
  24. You can count to 10 but still skip the number 4. I don't know why. 
  25. You can identify a circle, square, star and kite shape.
  26. Colors are still not used correctly with much consistency yet.
  27. You can tell when there are "two" of something and you'll say they match.
  28. Going to Sobeys and sitting in the big cart with a cookie bring you such delight.
  29. You are easy to please. 
  30. I'm glad you are still small enough to sit in the stroller while we go for walks. 
  31. God has blessed us with you. I thank him daily for letting us be your family and being given the privilege of raising you. He has made you so perfect in his sight and knew exactly what he was doing when he made us your mum and dad. 

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