Sunday, May 22, 2011

How I Came to be a Homeschooling Mom Part II

Last December, a few concerns arose from the school so Doug and I began talking and praying about what we were to do with the kids' education.  Of course, full time school wasn't an option for us so that left full time homeschooling as our only choice.  We looked at the pros and cons, the alternative options, made sure we had all the information necessary for a good decision... everything.  We thought that rather than wait out the year, not knowing what other struggles may occur, we would pull them out.  Our actions surprised everyone, especially their teachers.  The teachers who have been an intricate part of their lives since they were in grade two and three.  The teachers who have seen them grow from little 7 & 8 year olds into mature, grown up 10 & 11 year olds.  Arianna was part of this program as well, although she was homeschooled for kindergarten.  I couldn't see myself bringing her to one school while the other kids attended another.  Plus, she was (and is) such a little homebody, that I knew another year at home would be good for her. She did ok at Stony Creek but I'm not sure it was bringing the best out of her.
On February 8, Doug and I picked the kids and all their belongings from school and took them home.  We took a couple weeks off to de-program them from the structure and routines that come from a school setting.
The past few months have consisted of basic math and language arts studies with a splash of a Pioneer Unit and some Government thrown into the mix.  We've done volunteer work at the church on Tuesday mornings, we've visited the Telus World of Science, taken a trip to Calgary, helped Grandma with her yard work and done some babysitting.  Our homeschooling consists of life learning.  We ask ourselves: "what will the kids need to know in order to manage a home on their own.
I love that our facilitator is in agreement with how we're running this show.  I like that he's on board with how we've decided to *school* the kids.  Now that the school year is almost over, I can look back and think that it has been a really good year!

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