Monday, November 5, 2012

A Day In My Life - Monday

If someone were to ask me what I do in a day, I'd have to invite them over for a coffee because it would take so long to get through.  So just for the sake of it, I decided to write down everything I do to see what it looks like. 

5:00 - A gentle whisper from my four year old (who was sleeping in my bed) "I need eat Mommy."  Ummm.... no Honey,  go back to sleep.  I spend the next 20-30 minutes pretending to sleep in hopes that she'll doze off.  She's laying still so I slip out and head to my treadmill. 

5:50 - Hop on the 'mill and beat my previous distance in 30 minutes and feel good about that.

6:25 - Make my way back to the room to shower and find TWO girls in my bed, watching TV.  I take a quick shower and bring the girls downstairs for breakfast.  On my hip is mine and Doug's laundry which I will begin.  Sit down with coffee #1 and catch up on my Facebook, Blogs and such. 

7:45 - After making something for Sarah to eat and resume tidying from the night before, I head down to rouse the older two kids.  They get to wake up early because they kept ME up till 11:15. 

8:30 - Three kids at the table ready to do school.  I get them started and I continue to clean the kitchen, after I've switched laundry loads.

9:00 - Refocus the distracted children and begin to vacuum all the stairs and carpet upstairs.  Find that Sarah's room is messy so I clean that up, then vacuum it too.

9:30 - Bring the vacuum down and switch the laundry loads and fold some quickly.

9:40 - Grab coffee #2 and sit with Joshua to spend some focused one on one with his math.  After about 30 (long) minutes and many problems, he begins to see the light.  One really great thing about homeschooling is celebrating his victories together.  We stop for a break. 

10:30 - Vacuum entire main floor.  I like to vacuum.  I love hearing the stuff rattle up the hose and I have such a satisfactory feeling when I can see a difference.  Weird?  Maybe.

11:00 - Wash the floors in the front of the house and then begin lunch while the floors dry.

11:30 - Feed the kids, switch the laundry and realize I should have vacuumed AFTER lunch.  Good thing I didn't put it away yet. 

12:00 - Hang some laundry to dry, start another load and then think I should get my undershirt-clad daughter dressed.  She fights it, I give up.  The house is warm anyhow.  Start the dishwasher. 

12:30 - Wash the kitchen and dining room floors.  I threaten my daughters with washing the now clean floors with a toothbrush if they even THINK about walking in the house with their boots on. 

1:00 - Sit down for coffee #3.  Remember, I have now been up for EIGHT hours.

1:15 - Hang wet laundry.  Start. Last. Load.

1:30 - Enjoy the slushie that my sweet Arianna brought me from the 7/11.

2:00 - Sit. Down.

3:00 - Change another diaper, fold more clothes, tidy up the kitchen (again).

4:30 - Doug comes home and we start supper prep.  Steaks, sweet potato fries and snap peas. 

6:00 - Kitchen and dining room are clean, counters are cleared and floors are swept once more.  

6:45 - Chase Arianna into the shower.

7:00 - Doug brings Andrea to her Bible study and I tuck the sweet toddler who woke me up at 5:00 this morning into bed, praying that she sleeps a few more hours longer than today.

8:00 - After some time visiting with Doug on the couch, Arianna gets tucked into bed. 

8:15 - Doug heads off to hang out with his friends for the evening.  Now, I would like to think that after being up and constantly busy for 15 hours, I could think about going to bed but since Andrea won't be home till 9:00, I will wait till then.  

9:15 - My oldest daughter will come home and I'll lovingly and patiently listen to her tell me all about her evening. 

9:30 - I will send the last two of my children to bed.  I am always hopeful that she won't wake up crying but I'm sure Sarah will need me to get her at some point in the night.  She won't leave her bed and so I will get up... once more.  And maybe, just maybe tomorrow won't start quite as early. 

Now, to our credit, most days, we do more school than we did today... it was simply one of those *off* days.  Yes, I am busy and often tired but I do love what I do.  And like I told my in-laws this weekend, I firmly believe I was put on this earth to be a wife and mom.  Life for me, began the day I got married and I am so happy doing what I do!

Happy Monday!

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