Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday's Thoughts

1.  With Daylight Savings time occurring last night, I noticed that the sun was up earlier than yesterday.  So much nicer for a morning person like me!  Sarah did not get the notice about sleeping an extra hour though and was still up at her normal time, except that the clock read 5:15.  Good thing she's just so crazy cute.

2.  I was honored this weekend when my nephew Ben wanted to call me about his accident on the treadmill.  Poor little guy has quite the injuries on his face but I know he's a toughie.  He makes me proud and I love him lots!  I also got to say hi to my beautiful nieces at the same time... I miss and love those Calgary babies.  xoxoxo

3.  We bought the game Risk this weekend.  Quite the steal as it was only $6 at the checkout!  We are now onto day THREE of playing and no real winner in sight.  I was sure I was toast but I made a bit of a comeback.  It's exciting that the kids want to keep playing it too!

4.  As we were driving to Doug's parents for a coffee this weekend, I was just checking some old photos of the kids on my iPhone (love technology) and came across one of Arianna at 4.5 years old.  The same age that Sarah is now.

Two, very beautiful girls, one just looks so much younger.  I was taken aback when I realize how baby-like Sarah is yet, especially when two photos are placed side by side.  I KNOW Sarah is who she is and is supposed to be and I wouldn't trade her preciousness for anything but every so often I have little twinges of sadness.  I watch her peer bypass her and now kids are even beginning to talk down to her as if she IS younger.  I can understand their child-like thinking but it still hurts inside.    I remember when Doug and I decided our family was complete and that Sarah would be our last.  I also remember thinking how badly I wanted to hang on to the sweet baby-days.  I always wished I could hold on to their little-ness just a bit longer.  And now I can.  For today, I have a daughter who looks, acts, behaves and is so very much like a two year old.  Almost like we are stuck in time.  Now, don't get me wrong, she is growing and changing day by day.  She talks so much more than she did a year ago and her thinking is becoming more and more complex (for her).  She delights and challenges me on a daily basis and she is all that I could have ever wanted in her.

 5.  It's Sunday.  The beginning of a new week.  Now, time for another cup of coffee and we'll get this day started.

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