Sunday, November 18, 2012

Family Dynamics

When we bought this house three years ago, we just assumed that the older two would sleep in the basement and the littler two upstairs.  Now over the years, we have done MANY room changes and switches.  Our basement is unfinished and it's simply not in the budget to do it at this time.  But, now that the weather has turned to winter, it's quite cool down there.  So for the past few weeks, Andrea has been bunking in the bonus room and Joshua has had the basement to himself.  Just a couple days ago as I sent him down to bed, he burst out "I don't really LIKE being down there alone."  And he headed down for the night.  I spent the evening wonder what we could do about it.

Hmm... so despite his outward toughie look, he really would prefer to sleep upstairs.  The only feasible option was for him to move into Sarah's room.  And he eagerly complied.  He quickly moved just his bed into her room.  We figured since Sarah doesn't spend any time in there, other than sleeping, it wouldn't be a big deal.  It's now the room where Joshua and Sarah sleep.  He still has all his clothes and Lego downstairs in his "room". 

I find it warming to my heart that my 13 ½ year old would rather sleep upstairs with his youngest sister than on his own in the basement.  I love how our family has come together and that the choice to be WITH someone is better than being alone. 

Who knows... maybe Sarah will sleep better now.  Or, maybe she won't...

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