Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Making Things Better

From the day we brought her home from the hospital, Sarah has fought being in her carseat.  I don't know if it's the position, the straps, the confinement... not a clue.  She will push her legs on the seat and resist for all it's worth.  Recently we found out that a gentle pressure on her legs would settle her down and she'd relax.  I am positive it has to do with her SPD (sensory processing disorder). Doug had the idea for me to talk to my dad who is in the medical industry, selling x-ray machines, chemicals and lead aprons to hospitals.  I asked Dad if he had anything lying around that might work for the van.  About a week later, he dropped off a lead apron for us to try.  It just so happened that we were able to test drive the apron on a trip to Calgary.  Like anything, Sarah was miserable with it on.  After persisting, she finally accepted it and now loves it.  There are two loops that hook on to the arm rests of the seat she's in and it was great.  This weekend, Dad said we could keep it and I was able to make a cover for it.  One of the problems we were having was it kept slipping off and medical "green" isn't the nicest of colors.  So on Sunday, I spent just over an hour designing a custom-fit lead apron cover!  I was so proud of myself and it looks SO much better!!
Cute hey?  So now it's softer, warmer and not as slippery as before.  The space between the two black straps has a strip of velcro so it can come off for washing.

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