Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dr. Appointment {11.28.12}

Well, Sarah has certainly been incredibly busy the past three months!  She has grown an entire inch, gained two pounds and her head grew an entire centimeter.  Now, being the chart loving, fact searching person I am, it looks like this:

Height: 13th percentile (39 inches)
Weight: 7th percentile (31 pounds)
Head circumference: -4 Standard Deviation (45 cm; normal is 50 cm)

So she is still, and probably always will be, really little. And that's ok.  The doctor was very pleased with her language.  The difference between speech and language is how it comes out.  He couldn't understand much of what she *said* (speech) but her determination to express herself vocally (language) was impressive.  We were praised for our efforts in how we have been working with her. 

Doug and I began to wonder if her balance issues (or lack of them) has had to do with this crazy amount of growing.  This also could contribute to her poor sleeping habits lately.  Maybe I'll just blame it on that so I feel better about it!

Otherwise, everything else checked out just fine and she's healthy as can be! 

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