Thursday, November 1, 2012

We Do Things Differently

When my siblings and I were growing up, Halloween was never a big event for us.  We didn't go trick or treating but rather, watched movies and had treats during the night.  As Doug and I had kids, we didn't take them out either.  For the first few years, we visited his parents with the kids costumed up but we never made a huge deal of it.  Four years ago, our church began to put on a Fall Festival on the 31st.  This is a chance for the kids to have fun, dress up, all in a warm and safe place.  This year, we didn't go.  Sarah's SPD is a little tricky yet and she wouldn't dress up and she'd just sit in her stroller with the canopy down so she wouldn't have to see anything.  So, the kids and I went to Superstore, stocked up on HUGE amounts of treats and hung out.  At home.  Afterwards, Arianna thanked me for not taking her out because being at home was way more fun. 

This morning, we woke up to lots of snow on the ground and freezing rain.  Our day consisted of pajamas, school, some house work and staying warm.  It was just a nice way to spend the first snowy day.  Soon I'll get brave and go outside with the kids!!

Happy November 1st!

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