Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

Well, last night was the final Christmas hurrah for us as we celebrated with my side of the family. On the 24th, we spent the day watching movies eating snacks and enjoyed a fun Mexican supper of hard shell tacos, requested by Arianna. Our movies this year were Despicable Me 2 and Turbo, both of which are very cute shows and since Sarah loves slap stick humour these were great for her. The little girls went to bed on time and the older two and I finished up wrapping the stocking stuffers, as we've done in the years past. Of course the kids all got to open their one (predictable) gift of the annual pyjamas!

Christmas morning began early for a couple of the kids (Joshua and Arianna) who were allowed to open their stockings once they got up. Of course I was up shortly after them as I have alway been one of the first to wake up on Christmas morning. Sarah joined us around 7:45 and was delighted in being able to open more "p'esents a me!" We have always determined that when four of us are awake, then the other two (Doug and Andrea) get to wake up as well. So this year, things were rolling by about 8:00.

 Sarah LOVED opening presents this year. It was as if she'd never experienced it before!

 Andrea's typical "first thing in the morning" pose. I'm sure I have this same picture from years past.

 I re-gifted Andrea's American Girl doll to Arianna this year. Probably my favorite expression. Ever.

 An official Harry Potter scarf and another sketch pad.

"All I wanted was Jedi robes"

This year we did things a bit different. Each kid received two gifts but they were what they asked for. They were still surprised but we didn't do practical this year. It was SO much fun!!

Later in the day, we headed to Doug's parent's for Christmas dinner with his mom's side of the family. 

Boxing Day started out pretty slow. My family came over later in the afternoon and we all exchanged gifts. It was really a good evening and a great chance to see everyone again (less one brother). We didn't make a late night out of it but after a busy week, that was ok. 

I woke up this morning ready to regain ownership of my living room and that will be in the form of taking the tree down. I loved it this year. It is smaller than other ones we've had and took up much less space which was nice. I think I'll leave my village and nativity sets up because they don't take up a whole lot of room or floor space. 

One other really COOL gift that my kids and nephew received from my in laws were personalized coveralls. 

"Grandpa Fidelak's Pit Crew"

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