Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

 What Sarah does after a long, busy day (and one that includes a doctor appointment).

 She loved playing with these wet, gel balls. It kept her busy for a very long time!

 A Christmas ornament that I received from my mom. My Oma brought these over from Holland and I *believe* my sister and I have the last two of the original set.

 A bell that used to be at my mom's house.

 My first ornament when I was a baby. It was always the heaviest and I remember having to find a really strong branch to hold it up!

 An ornament that my sister bought me when she went on a trip to PEI. I love Anne of Green Gables.

 Doug bought me this one after we suffered two back to back miscarriages and then found out we were expecting Sarah!

Both Doug and I have one of these gold ornaments that has our name engraved on it!

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