Friday, April 5, 2013

A Memory...

As I was getting ready for my day this morning, my thoughts traveled back in time to when my siblings and I were much younger.  As memory serves, there was always music on in the house.  Playing through the gigantic speakers with the occasional scratch sound from the record that was spinning.  Sundays were full of old style hymns from Sandi Patti, Steve Green or other church choirs.  Every summer we'd take a three week long vacation and travel down to Penticton, BC and stay at our favorite and much anticipated campground.  It was kind of like a home away from home.  In the van, there was always music playing through the cassette deck.  We grew up listening to the music of the 50's and 60's.  That's what dad wanted to listen to and I don't think there was even much opposition from us kids.  One recording artist that we'd listen to was Neil Diamond.

As I was thinking about his music, my thoughts moved on to a time that I was going to babysit my cousins while my parents, aunt and uncle went to his concert. I was really disappointed because I would have LOVED to go.  My parents thought I was too young to want to see him and that the music was geared more for people their age. The plan was for me to get dropped off at my aunt and uncle's while my parents headed to the concert to meet them there.  Shortly after I got in, my littlest cousin fell out of her high chair and bumped her head on the floor. My aunt was quite worried so she decided to stay home and I went with my uncle. The look of surprise on my mom and dad's faces when I showed up is a picture that I'll never forget. I was certainly one of the younger audience members (I would have been around 16 years old) but it was so much fun!

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