Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One Of Those (Long) Days

Well, after the rough night and very early morning, thanks to a certain four year old, I decided that school just wouldn't happen today. I figured I'd be short tempered and that it would be best not to try. So after some tidying up and getting the laundry going, the kids and I headed to Wal Mart to spend their gift cards that they received at Easter. Once our shopping was done, we headed home for lunch and I then spent the remainder of the day snuggling with a very tired little girl.  Around 3:00, Sarah began asking if she could go to bed. She didn't nap and I managed to stall her till after supper and finally she was able to settle down into her bed.

Sometimes there are just those days that we get by on pure adrenaline (and large quantities of caffeine) and we are grateful when the sun goes down and we can put it behind us.

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  1. Hi there, Stephanie. I hope this night is giving you some much-needed rest and that tomorrow there are new blessings of joy and peace waiting for you! I was having one of those tired days last week and figured it was either spiritual attack or PMS. (Turns out it was the latter.) :)



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