Monday, April 22, 2013

Six Quick Takes

1. If my sister recommends a book, chances are really high that I will go out and buy it. Just because she said so.

2. As much as my kids love sleepovers (here and elsewhere), spending the night away tends to put them in foul moods for the next day.

3. After a cold, snowy weekend, I'm sure looking forward to this week's weather warming up. I'm tired of winter and ready for some spring. Bring on the bikes, walks and playing outside!

4. I am watching a huge, fat rabbit nap in our yard this morning. There's very little white on him (or her) so that must mean something good. Right?

5. I've been up off and on since 5:30 when Sarah first declared she was hungry. I gave into her nudges at 6:45 and she's managed to finish off two bowls of Cheerios!

6. Today is our first day with respite care. I'm sure it will be good for us... just a change and I don't always like change. I'm working really hard at being open to it though.

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