Wednesday, April 24, 2013

First Time With A Band Aid

I know I posted this on Facebook but I wanted to write this for my own future reference as well as for my blogging friends.

This afternoon when I came home from a quick trip to the city, I found Andrea cuddling a very upset Sarah. We managed to locate the source of her crying... her tiny finger had gotten pinched in our closet door and was bleeding quite profusely. I knew that I needed to cover the little injury but I also knew that it was going to be tough since Sarah's sensory issues would come into play.

Sure enough, it took myself, Andrea and Arianna to hold her still enough to wrap a bandaid around her itty bitty finger. She does NOT like having something like that on her skin. When it was finally on, she continued to cry... for a good 30 minutes. She finally dozed off in my lap for a few minutes and when she woke up, she was in a slightly better frame of mind... enough to at least ask to watch Blue's Clues.

Although the rest of the day went smoothly, she still refuses to use her hand. She won't eat with it, hold a cup or even let me touch it. When I even mention that we can take it off, she flips out. Poor girl. I'm not entirely surprised by her reaction since she doesn't like her hair done, jewellery or anything else that's 'extra' and if an earring falls out it's quite a big deal to get it back in.

I know it's part of the SPD and so it's just something that we'll have to work on with her. And maybe just hope that she doesn't fall too much this summer!

This is how she's held her hand most of the day.

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