Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday's Musings

Well, spring break and Easter are over so my older three kids are back to the schooling grindstone! I am happy to say that each of them has passed their math and have moved on to the next grade.  If our schedule follows as it does most years, then we have another 8-9 weeks of school and then we break for the summer. Days of bike riding, walks, trips to the donut shop or Dairy Queen for an ice cream.

I love hearing the water drip off the house and down the street... it means that spring {might} be on it's way. Since the snow first fell last October, it seems like we've been living in a forever winterland. I think I've had just about enough snow now.

This was a snowstorm from March 3rd

Arianna has had enough winter too!

Tomorrow Joshua will be at the orthodontist for an initial visit to see what work needs to be done.  I feel bad for the boy who never had a soother, stopped using the bottle at 12 months and is destined for some major dental work. Memories of my own braces years are coming back to me now...

Easter was a busy weekend for us with us attending church on Good Friday to see Andrea preform in a skit that was put on.  She did a great job acting and I was a really proud momma!  Afterwards, my dad and Cathy, my sister and her kids and my brother came over for coffee and snacks.  We missed Kevin Melanie and Paul but hopefully soon we can all get together again!  Saturday's supper was at Aunty Cindy's with all the traditional favorites: cheesy potatoes, bean casserole and ham. We went to church again on Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For brunch Doug made a big batch of waffles from a special Waffle House mix that our friends Scott and Lelia sent up to us shortly after our vacation to Alabama. A small part of us felt like we were with our southern friends again. Dinner was at Doug's parent's house which housed the usual large crowd of family. Unfortunately by this point in the weekend, Sarah was in meltdown mode. She spent a good part of the evening in her grandma's bedroom watching TV with either myself, Doug or Andrea. When I got her settled into bed, it didn't take her much more than five minutes to fall asleep.

I received an encouraging Facebook message this morning regarding the respite care I posted about yesterday. Once things fall into place a little more, I'll share about that. 

Today was what I dubbed a recovery day. Housework, laundry, school... the regular day to day stuff. The kids all benefitted from just hanging out at home and being together. 

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