Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Homeschooling Flexibility...

My older three kids have passed their current grade in math and have all moved on to the next grade (4, 8, & 9). As the school year begins to dwindle down, I see their progress as the opportunity to take advantage of 'field trips' while places are still quieter than they will be this summer. Yesterday after the required time of math was completed, we packed up and went to the pool for a couple hours. It was a little busy due to a few swimming lessons but it didn't last long and soon it seemed like we had the pool to ourselves. This also happens when we go skating, to the Telus World of Science, playgrounds or other places like that.

I love the things that we can do in the middle of the day. It's what we've gotten used to and has become our way of life.

Joshua will be doing a pilot project for me in the fall as he will be doing a few subjects on-line in a virtual classroom. He's dabbled at the thought of attending high school and although we haven't made the decision yet, I want to prepare him as best as I can. If this online deal works out, Andrea will join him in her grade 9 year for 2014.  She has no desire to attend a public high school at this point but I think the on-line learning will be a great transition for her. Arianna will continue what she's doing. Blasting her way through grade 4 math right now and next year, we'll start working on some writing strengths. Sarah, at this time will not be doing anything formal, even though she'll officially be kindergarten age this June. We'll continue to work on her hand-eye coordination, some pencil holding skills, simple matching, colors, and shapes. Most of that will be done through her regular days full of playing. I keep reminding myself that she is approaching preschool age as far as development goes so therefore, her learning must be age appropriate in that sense.

We're down to our last eight weeks of school and that's really exciting for me.  We did another year and I'm really proud of us!

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  1. Congrats Stephanie, and have fun on all those field trips!



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