Monday, April 22, 2013

Pity Party

Do you ever have a day where you think everyone and everything is out to get you? Like the world has a personal 'thing' for you? Today was my day. It started out ok but by mid afternoon, it seemed like everything was just falling apart. I had waited almost a week for a dentist appointment for a tooth that had really been bothering me. I had figured it would be a simple cavity, simple filling and I'd go home. Nothing quite matches the deflated feeling I had when I was told that the root was infected and I'd need a course of antibiotics before a root canal to be preformed on Friday. I could just feel the energy being sucked out of me. *sigh* If you are one of those fortunate people who have never had any issues with your teeth, be thankful. Very thankful.

So I booked an appointment for Friday morning and headed to the pharmacy to get some painkillers and antibiotics. Again, something that should have been so simple took over an hour long. I wasn't enrolled as Doug's spouse in the insurance so I had to wait for that to get sorted out, the line ups were all 3-4 people deep and by this point, I was already in a 'mood'. I just wanted to go home. Curl up with my little ones and watch a movie. And eat food that's bad for me. Just because I feel sorry for myself.

Tomorrow is a new day and I'm sure once I have some antibiotics and Tylenol 3's in my system I'll feel better.

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